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Cameron Highland (16 March 2011 - 19 March 2011)

Cameron Highlands is the largest hill resort in Malaysia located at the northwestern edge of Pahang state, at an altitude of 6,001ft (1,829m) above sea-level. Cameron Highlands was named after the surveyor, William Cameron, who in 1885 discovered a plateau at 4,500 feet. At such a height the area enjoys a cool climate, with temperatures not higher than 20 'C and rarely falling below 10'C It was then recommended as a resort but it was not until 1925 that the present location was proposed as a hill resort, and developed.

Cameron Highlands is also popularly known as the "Green Bowl" of the country as it supplies large amount of local produce of vegetables to many major cities of Malaysia and Singapore. Tea and strawberries are also grown on the terraced slopes of the Cameron Highlands, and the area possesses notable rose gardens as well.

Cameron Highlands consists of a series of little townships which include Ringlet, Tanah Rata, and Brinchang. The best tourist amenities are sited in or around Tanah Rata but Brinchang is fast catching up with a number of new apartments and restaurants.

Strawberry Park Resort

Secluded from the urban traffic, the Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands, Pahang, in Peninsular Malaysia in sits amidst a distinctive countryside setting. The resort is set atop a 7-acre hill on a plateau over 5000 feet above sea level in Cameron Highlands, in Pahang, Malaysia. The Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands in Pahang, in Peninsular Malaysia is spread over acres of beautiful, tranquil countryside. At Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands, Pahang, in Peninsular Malaysia, one can escape to an environment which immediately invites carefree relaxation. At the resort, fresh clean air, peaceful countryside and gracious amenities contrast starkly with the clutter and bustle of the city.

Boh Tea Plantation

BOH Tea Plantation is a must-visit place when you are in Cameron Highlands Scenic, tranquil & cool fresh air! The road journey to the BOH Tea Plantation is quite an adventure itself. Boh Tea Plantation has a total of 8000 acres planted with tea. The largest tea plantation in Southeast Asia. Road is narrow and winding. Do give a honk or two while negotiating a corner to let oncoming traffic know there is a car coming. Put narrow roads aside,the view of green rolling hills, with the neat regular rows of tea plants, is truly breathtaking & refreshing.The Sg Palas 'ummph!' BOH TEA Plantation offers a FREE guided factory tour of how the tea leaf is processed. Don't forget to visit a very nice BOH TEA SHOP nearby & pamper yourself with a nice cup of tea, cakes & enjoy the enchanting ambience & view of the BOH TEA Plantation !

Bharat Tea

Bharat is the second largest tea producer in Cameron Highlands, with plantations in Tanah Rata and Tringkap, and their own signature brand 'Cameron Valley' to compete with rival Boh. Its largest tea estate lies along the main road 4km before Tanah Rata, or about 6km after Ringlet town. Lacking a visitor complex and show factory for tourists, Bharat concentrates instead on establishing tea houses (with cafes and shops), while welcoming visitors to walk and explore their tea fields with gazetted sections and pathways.

Agro Technology Park in MARDI - Tanah Rata

The Agrotech Park is only 1km away from the town of Tanah Rata and easily reaches by car, taxi, bus or even by foot. Among the major attractions are the English Garden, strawberry production, vegetable and cut flower production, green house research and the sale centre.The agrotechnology park is divided into six main areas: the English Garden, Herb Garden, Orchid Garden, Rose Garden, research centre and an information centre, where tourists can also buy souvenirs. Mardi's Agrotechnology Park is home to 40 varieties of roses, 10 strawberries, 100 citrus fruits, at least six types of anthuriums, four varieties of apples, and pears and persimmons.

The Rose Centre - Kea Farm

Beside enjoying the splendour rose blooming of 100 over varieties in every imaginable colour, you'll also be fascinated as you venture through an exhilarating journey of various cultural murals, colourful stone sculptures which blends well with the landscaping.

Shopping Market, Brincang

Kea Farm is one of most popular shopping destinations in Cameron Highlands, located 3km after Brinchang town. While mostly an agricultural district, the center of activity lies in a day market next to the main road, just before Equatorial Resort. Every morning till evening, traders and farmers sell their crops here to visitors and locals alike. Flowers, ornamental plants, souvenirs and handicrafts are other products sold in the market besides fruits and vegetables. On holiday weekends and national festivals, the road that leads past Kea Farm Market may be cluttered with cars parked (or parking) along the sides, causing a massive jam that stretches all the way to town.

Brincang Pasar malam

The Brinchang Night Market is a popular shopping attraction among visitors that occurs every Friday and Saturday in town, starting from 4pm and ending late night. The night market occupies two tarmac clearings facing the police station near Star Regency Hotel; both sites are just across from each other, but divided by the main road that to Kea Farm. This evening bazaar consists of stalls that retail the best products from Cameron Highlands, including strawberries, vegetables, flowers, plants and souvenirs for tourists. It's also an excellent place to go food hunting, with many hawker stalls that cook up local favourites and even continental snacks, such as fondue.

Strawberry Farm

Strawberry farms are immensely popular attractions at Cameron Highlands, as visitors are fascinated with the idea of dainty fruits of temperate origin growing on local soil. The cold climate makes it suitable for cultivating strawberries all-year-round; some of the harvest ends up at supermarkets and grocers across Malaysia and Singapore, but much is snatched up by tourists. You can find many strawberry farms around Tanah Rata, Brinchang and Kea Farm, but a minimum purchase is often required (conveyed by self-plucking) to see the actual farm. Consequently, growing strawberries is one of Cameron highland's most important economic sources and activities.

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Memang tak sabar-sabar nak tunggu cuti ni. Bukan sebab nak holiday ke mana-mana, tapi sebab terlalu banyak tugasan di sekolah, rasa penat melampau. Minggu lepas, datang jer kat sekolah, dari pukul 7.00pagi hingga 1 petang, mengajar dan buat tugas2 khas lain (non stop) sampai tak sempat pergi makan. Petang pulak menanda buku atau kelas nadi sampai pukul 4.00petang. Buat adik2 yang jadi guru baru bawah panitia BM saya, Adam dan Siti Rahimah, k. as minta maaf sebab tak dapat bimbing korang selalu untuk subjek BM. Kalau nak tanya apa2, jangan tunggu k.as free....(sebab takde free pun..he..he..) datang jer bila2 masa. k.as akan bantu, ok.

Inilah cabarannya, kalau bekerja sambil belajar. Saya mesti habiskan kerja di sekolah dan tak boleh bawa balik kerana balik rumah nanti nak buat tugasan belajar pula. Wow, kalau fikir2kan tak sangka saya mampu lakukannya. Tahap 'stress' saya minggu lepas mungkin dah capai tahap maximum. Sorrylah kepada kawan2 kalau saya tak sempat nak bersembang atau keluar kemana-mana bersama. Ini tahun akhir saya, i hope i can complete it with flying colours. wish me luck!!

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